Vertafore – Prime in Windows (DB Files Database)

What is included in the conversion from Prime (Windows) DB Files Database to Newton by Agency Systems?  If it is not listed it is not converted!

  • Clients
    • Name, DBA, Address, City State Zip, Phone Numbers, Producer, CSR
    • Phone 1 and 2 are assumed to be;
      • Commercial – Business and Fax
      • Personal – Home and Business
  • Client Contacts

    • A single client contact will be created from the client record
  • Polices
    • Basic policy information is common to all policies including effective/expiration dates, policy number, producer, class, transaction
      • NOTE: Duplicate policy numbers are not allowed in Newton.  Common quote numbers like TBA, Pending, TBD, etc. are changed to add a unique number to the existing number.
      • Policy numbers shared among more than 1 client must be changed prior to conversion.  Recommend adding the client number to the end of the policy number.
    • Premium is populated in the Estimated Annualized Premium field in Newton.
      • NOTE: This premium does not hit the general ledger
    • Data will be converted going back 5 years
  • Client Notes to Newton Activity

      • Pulled from 2 different tables; CNotes.db, TFile.db. These tables should comprise the majority of data for entered notes and automated recording of items on the client file activity.
  • Policy Notes to Newton Activity
    • PNotes.db converted to Newton activity.  These items are not linked to a policy however if a policy number is included in the data it will be displayed.
  • Images/Attachments
    • Documents including email attachments are converted to the Newton Attachments.
    • Letters are in the attachments conversion and appear as an Attachment in Newton.
    • IF attachment files or blobs are encrypted they must be decrypted by the vendor or cannot be converted.
      • Note: Files of type FML are not converted as these are a proprietary Vertafore file type which can only be decoded by Vertafore.  These files are typically ACORD Forms.  Vertafore has stated they cannot convert these files to a usable image file for conversion purposes and to date no agency has been successful in getting these items decoded to a readable format by Vertafore.
  • Auto Memos
    • Converted as rich text files to the Newton Attachments.  **Cannot be converted for all systems!  Files must exist as ZBLOB files on the drive.  If those files are not present Auto Memos cannot be converted.
  • Download Risk
    • We import the archived download files which can be viewed under the DL Risk tab in Newton and can be used to create applications. This gives you a good deal of risk information for those companies with which you download.

Basic Setup Items

These setup items employ a cross-reference list.  We work with you to assign new codes as necessary.

  • Producer/Users
    • Missing producers are defaulted to code “HOU” (House)  You may specify a different default code
  • Class Codes/Line of Business
  • Companies
    • Converted directly using the codes from Prime.


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