EDI Help

The EDI menu option is an added enhancement to the functionality of Instar.

The EDI menu utilizes the Instar data to print the updated forms.

CaptureediThe EDI “About” window

The Reset Update Check, will reset the 7 day update prompt when you start InStar. Click this and the next time you log into InStar you will recieve the update message.

The Update Updater, will Install a new EDIUpdate library. This will only change how to program handles updates. This is not the update that checks for new forms.

Note: Every one must be logged out of InStar to run updates. It will fail to update the library if someone is logged on. 

Additional Form Fields

  • Some of the new forms have additional fields. These fields will be displayed as shown below, and are inputted in the EDI print window.
  • You cannot alter these fields when trying to print multiple selected forms.
  • The fields are saved in reference to the certificate number.
  • You do not need to click “EDIT” in InStar to enter data in these fields, and they are save when either you change forms, close the print window, or print in any way.
  • If you change forms without closing the print window, this is OK. The window will update as soon as you click on it and display either blank entry fields (on a new form), or previously saved fields (on a existing form).


Printing Forms General

  • When printing a single form, the form cannot be printed unless you open the form so the data is loaded and is available to fill the form. If you receive an error, open the form to be printed and try again.
  • When printing multiple forms, the forms cannot be printed unless you have at least one of the forms selected in the list of forms, so that the data is loaded and is available to fill the form.  If you receive an error, verify that you have at least one form selected before you try to print. (Ctrl+click to select multiple forms, and then click “Print Selected Certificates”)

Printing Forms to PDF

  • When printing to PDF the pages are printed to the Pending Email Attachments folder, which can be accessed by clicking Document Management at the top of the screen and clicking Pending Email Attachments.
  • The PDF default name will be the holders name as printed on the form, preceded with “certificate for”. (Ex. Certificate for Holder’s Name.pdf)












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