Currently Being Programmed

Here are the things on which we are currently working for a future release

Adding Preferences for New Email Inbox
  • User Preference for moving email after filing to Read Items; Always, Prompt, Never
  • User Preference for opening client screen after filing email; Always, Prompt, Never
  • User Preference to Store Actual Outlook Email as a file when sending or filing email; Always, Prompt, Never. (this will preserve the actual email in Outlook format)
  • User Preference when Opening Letters to Open Original Outlook Email when drilling into a letter/email; Yes or No. (Right Click Options will allow either option)
Adding Updated Claims ACORDS

Adding Ability to Bulk Email Certs of Ins for renewals using the new emailing for ACORD forms routines.

Adding ability to run backups of All InStar Data to a location of the users choosing. This is too enhance the users ability to keep multiple backups

Adding ability to text through the email system currently in place

Promising talks with a company that provides web interfaces for true texting, client request for Certs, ID Cards etc. More to report in a few weeks.

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