EDI Enhanced EDocs Drag-N-Drop

This little window can speed up your filing of documents to InStar EDocs by allowing the user to drag-n-drop 1 or more files setting in motion the filing of a documents in a more efficient manner by not requiring as much user input.  This is very efficient if filing documents from your desktop or attachments from email (see Outlook below). The user may open and close the window as needed or leave open and drop files on any visible part of the window, except the title bar.  The mouse pointer will have a “+” sign when a file can be dropped.

Drop a file from any location on your computer to begin the process.  If dropping multiple files they will all be filed to the same Client, Broker/Producer, Company or Vendor.

Click the window to open the default imaging folder as specified in your user setup.  You can drag-n-drop files to begin the filing process.

Right Click – Opens a pop up menu displaying help, list of folders prior folders, Browse for a Folder, Clear Prior Folders

Select any path shown to open the folder to allow drag-n-drop of the files.  This folder list will be augmented if the user browses for a folder not in the list.  This is the same list that shows in the Quick Filing window.
Browse to Open folder will open the folder to allow drag-n-drop of files.  Selected folder will be added to the Right Click list of folders for future use.  (Maximum of 20 folders allowed.  Oldest folder added will be removed when adding folder 21)
Clear Folders List will clear all but the users default imaging folder as specified in user setup.

Microsoft Outlook – You cannot drop files or email directly from Outlook.  You can however drop an email or file from Outlook to the desktop and then drag-n-drop from there.  Still very fast.  (If you file an email this way the email is part of EDocs and NOT part of the Letters.  Everyone in the office should handle email in the same way, either into Letters or into EDocs.  We recommend filing email through the email inbox into Letters and if you wish to file email attachments to EDocs, separate from email, use the drag-n-drop to the desktop then to InStar.


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