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Emailing ACORD Forms

InStar has been enhanced to email forms directly from the form itself by using the New Email Button. This function is currently on the Certificate of Insurance (ACORD 25) and will be expanded to other forms and will soon include bulk email of multiple Certs for renewals.

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Understanding the Moving Parts

This enhancement must include a flexible yet simple way to store Additional Interest Contact and Email Address. You may now add AI Contact information at any level when handling an Additional Interest;
– Global AI
– Policy/Section AI
– Bottom of the Certificate
If added at the Global level the contact information will flow down to policy or certificate level. If an AI Contact is removed the AI Contact is removed all the way up the chain to where it was added. An AI Contact removed from a Certificate goes up to Policy then up to Global AI IF added at one of the upper levels. Obviously if you use the Global List under Template Tables it is best to set your AI Contacts there. IF the AI Contact may vary even though the AI does not vary then set the AI Contact when the AI is added to the Policy or on the bottom of the cert. The system will warn the user if there is no contact for the AI when trying to email the Cert.

Once the user has completed the form and added the AI, including 1 or more contacts, the user may then click the Email Button rather than the Print Button to begin the process of emailing the form. InStar will open the Letter Writer, set the email address To with the AI Contact and the CC to the Primary Contact on the account. The letter will have default wording including the Desc of Ops on the Cert Form. The user may perform edits to the email and click send.

On the Cert of Lia we have also added the ability to attach EDocs to the Cert so if the user has extracted policy pages to attach to the cert that can all be done prior to hitting the Email Button.

Details of Additions to Forms (This is currently only on the Cert of Lia but will be expanded.)

The list of AI Contacts is the same at every level, Global, Policy/Section, and Form/Certificate. A right click gives options to Add a Line, Delete a Line or (when in edit mode) Send the contact to the Attention Line.

To attach EDocs to your Cert/Form the user must NOT be in Edit Mode. A new Tab was added to the cert, “EDocs”. Click the long button labeled “Click to Attach EDocs” to open the EDocs List Window. Select 1 or more EDocs and drag them to the list on the Cert/Form. Forms are now part of the Cert/Form and will be included as attachments when emailed. **We have a future enhancement where we will combine all PDF’s with the Cert/Form PDF but for now the email attachments are separate attachments.

Drag and Drop the EDocs you wish to attach to the Cert

Steps to Emailing a Form (Cert of Lia Currently)

  • Prepare your form as you would for printing. Keep in mind if you wish to send to the contact for the Holder you must enter a Name and Email address for the holder. Also keep in mind you can now attach EDocs to be printed/emailed with the forms.
  • Click the New Email Button at the top of the form next to the Print button.
  • Make a selection to create a New Email OR Respond to an Email in your Outlook Inbox. When responding to an email request it is much more efficient to leave the email in your Outlook Inbox and then respond to the email from there which files the email automatically to the client and prepares the reply.
  • The user can also open the Outlook email from InStar by simply double clicking on the list of email.
  • A right click on an Inbox Email in InStar allows for Reply, Reply All or Forward. Note: If there is a contact entered for the Holder the Email Reply will behave as a Reply All so the Sender of the email will be in the TO and the Holder will be on the CC.
  • Adjust your Email addresses or the wording of the cover email and click Send. Email opens in Outlook for a final review.
  • DONE! The email is sent.

Good Words; We did not setup to respond to an email already stored in InStar. It is very inefficient to file the email to InStar and then create the form when one can simply respond to the email and file all at once with much less work than just filing the Cert/Form request to InStar.

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