InStar Workstation Update

The Workstation Update will reconfigure InStar to run in a more efficient architecture and will allow download of updates by your users specified in User Security, at any time.

The next update of the EDI Enhanced library will present each user with a dialog to reconfigure the workstation. The user may opt to continue use of InStar in the current configuration however updates will be much more difficult to implement so we encourage everyone to take this update and reconfigure the individual workstations. Please call if you have questions or want someone standing by as you do this. 877-277-6918. For details of the change go to the bottom of this page. **This update will also put all users on InStar version 9.7.1 so if offered to backup your data please do so.

You will need to open InStar as an administrator for this update. Simply right-click the shortcut and in the pop-up menu select “Run As Administrator”. If you need an administrator password talk to your computer tech before starting this update. You may terminate this update at any time and continue running InStar in its existing configuration.

When running as Administrator you will most likely receive the following prompt, you must answer Yes to allow for the reconfiguration of the workstation.

The user will receive the following prompt in InStar. Read the prompt and proceed with the update IF you started InStar as an Administrator. (running as an administrator is necessary to allow the copying of files to the specified locations).

For the first user the system will download files to the Updates folder. Please let the files download or the update will fail. For subsequent users the system will detect the update files were downloaded and simply configure the workstation which is much faster. Skip this section if you do not see files being downloaded.

Now for a very critical part of the update. The system will open 2 windows, one in InStar and the other in Windows displaying a folder named 4314. DO NOT CLOSE the InStar “Check Permissions” window until you set the Security as follows below.

Don’t close this window until you complete setting Permissions below

If you do foul up no harm, just run the update again.

Locate the folder “4314” that was opened. Right Click the folder and select Properties

Click on the Security tab and Click Edit

In the resulting window locate your Windows User Name and/or the Users Group and Check in Modify Permissions. Then click OK until you close all the Windows Dialog windows and close the windows folder until you return to the InStar “Check Permissions” Dialog.

Navigate back to the “Check Permissions” window in InStar. Click OK to proceed. The system will finish setting up your workstation. Give it just a minute or two

Click OK once you finish setting Permissions and InStar will proceed with the reconfiguration of your workstation.

Now you will receive this prompt, Click OK and InStar will close.

Find the InStar IUG Enhanced shortcut and start InStar in the new configuration. You are now ready for more updates which will be coming shortly.

Some of your visual settings may have changed. Readjust your InStar window size and it will be remembered going forward. You are all set for the next chapter in InStar.

Details of the Change in Configuration

  • The Omnis.exe will be moved to run in a standard Windows configuration in the appropriate \Program Files folder. We will be making available a 64-bit version in the future.
  • The libraries will be moved to the users Application Data folder. This will allow for better performance and checking to make sure the user is running on the correct version each time the user starts InStar.
  • The data files and all other data will continue to be stored in the specified server folder.

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