Products and Partners

Through our sister company, NOVA SalesPro, we offer the finest sales process management software available.  If you have processes you need to automate, sending letters, email, faxes, follow-up etc you need software to manage the process for you.

NOVA SalesPro

NOVA SalesPro is the finest automated marketing system you will find today. NOVA SalesPro goes beyond contact management allowing users to automate the processes that make your marketing efforts a success, and provide statistics allowing management toward success. Many users have another primary data base program but it lacks marketing functionality. NOVA SalesPro is designed to be a companion product by allowing easy import of clients/prospects from you primary system.

NOVA SalesPro can automate any process involving sending correspondence (Letters, eFax, Email) at predetermined intervals, sending tasks to users when items are due, allowing the user to add a client/prospect to a new strategy depending on the outcome of a previous strategy. Persistent effort with a predetermined plan along with statistics on which to base adjustments will insure marketing success.


My Remote Agency

My Remote Agency was created to enable agents who have recently experienced large growth of business or a loss of employee(s). By utilizing our services for work that can be done remotely, your backlog of work and ongoing projects no longer suffer. All of us at My Remote Agency have worked in the industry for a number of years and are trained insurance specialists, making our company stand out from the rest.



Custom Programming Solutions and Data Conversions