We have great success in providing data base conversion services for the insurance industry.  We also enhance existing programs by providing programs to enhance data mining.

Small Data Base Programs

Need a software solution and not finding what you need off the shelf? Many customers need some simple information tracked without the complexity of many of the off the shelf products. Inventory, time cards, scheduling, are some examples. Let us construct a program to fill a specific need in your office. The data can then be sent to another program or an MS Excel spread sheet or a file of your choosing. Send inquiries to

 EDI Importer

Wasting time performing double entry or entering data that someone already input on your web site? A Customer needed a way to import data from one system to another each week. Manual input was wasting many hours each month. EDI Concepts designed and implemented a conversion tool that literally allows the user to open the program and click 1 button each week and perform the import. Send inquiries to


 EDI Converter

Want to migrate to different software in your office but fear the task of inputting all the data into the new system? Let us do it for you. We developed a program allowing reading of multiple data sources and destinations, cross-reference data, map data and convert the data from a source to a destination. Send inquiries to


Custom Programming Solutions and Data Conversions