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Conversions to Newton


What is a conversion?

A conversion is the process of taking your existing management system data and migrating it to Newton by Agency Systems. Given the different data structures and entry methods of both systems your conversion will focus on primary areas of need in the insurance industry. Data is converted going back 5 years on basic information and 2 to 3 years if we are able to secure policy risk information, unless other arrangements are made.  See your specific conversion outline for more information.

What will convert from my existing data?

To the right you will find links to the management systems we convert.  Select your current management system for specific details on what will convert to Newton by Agency Systems.  Don’t see your system listed?  Please ask us.  We have many years of experience converting data from many different systems.

 Will my accounting be converted?

The conversion does not convert your accounting information. You will be provided separate instructions on how to enter your beginning balances after you are live on Newton by Agency Systems. Through the training process you will setup your General Ledger and enter your beginning balances on a spreadsheet. The spreadsheet will then be migrated into the system for you.

What about my existing system?

We recommend you keep access to your old management system for coverage and transaction history.  The purpose of the conversion is to give you as much current information as possible, to ease the transition to the new management system.

What if I need more?

Situations may arise where you need data manipulation, beyond what is included in the conversion. This may consist of running additional routines to update data for re-assigning producers, departments, agencies, etc. If you have questions about special needs, please ask. To make your transition smooth, we are happy to accomodate custom work for an additional charge.

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