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Insurance Pro

What is included in the conversion from Insurance Pro to Newton by Agency Systems?   If it is not listed it is not converted!  

Note: This system is policy based so for each policy there is a separate client record.  Therefore a client with 3 policies will be listed three different times.  The only way to join these 3 clients into a single client is if the names match exactly. This can create significant work for the client if they are not already structured in this manner.

  • Clients
    • Name, DBA, Address, City State Zip, Phone Numbers, Producer, CSR
  • Client Contacts
    • Contact Name, Email, Phone (Office, Home, Cell as available)
    • Information is limited due to all contact information being in the policy records.
  • Polices
    • Basic policy information is common to all policies including effective/expiration dates, policy number, producer, class, transaction
      • NOTE: Duplicate policy numbers are not allowed in Newton.  Common quote numbers like TBA, Pending, TBD, etc. are changed to add a unique number to the existing number.
      • Policy numbers shared among more than 1 client must be changed prior to conversion.  Recommend adding the client number to the end of the policy number.
    • Premium is populated in the Estimated Annualized Premium field in Newton.
      • NOTE: This premium does not hit the general ledger
    • Data will be converted going back 5 years
  • Activity Notes, Endorsements, Policy Note
    • Appear in the Newton  Basic Tab Activity link giving very good activity history
  • Suspense
    • Not currently being converted.
  •  Attachments
    • Documents attached to clients, including letters and email attachments, are converted to the Newton Attachments.
    • Documents not attached to clients/policies are not converted.
    • IF attachment files or blobs are encrypted they must be decrypted by the vendor or cannot be converted.

Basic Setup Items

  • Companies
    • Name, Address, Phone Numbers
    • All companies set to direct bill by default; Can set all companies to agency bill.
  • Producer/Users
    • Options
      • Missing producers are defaulted to code “HOU” (House)  You may specify a different default code.
  • Class Codes/Line of Business



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