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EDI Enhanced InStar Help

The EDI Enhanced menu adds additional functions to the InStar environment. This page covers the printing of updated insurance forms.

Printing Forms General
**Update – Certificate printing is fully integrated starting with InStar version 2021.08.12.  The easy way to tell this is if you can see the 2016 certificate version from the drop list on the cert.  

  • The EDI Enhancement windows require you open the corresponding window in InStar or a list of items if printing multiple forms.  If printing a certificate you must open the certificate so the data to print is available.  If printing a Work Comp form you must open the Work Comp window in InStar.  So, open your window, Certificate, Binder etc.  complete as usual.
  • When you are ready to print the form, go to the EDI Enhanced Menu and select the form you wish to print. A small window will open with the print buttons.
  • IF the newer form has questions not in the current InStar window, those questions will be available for input on the EDI Enhanced Print window.  In some cases the new forms have specific remarks for each YES question.  The user may input those answers on the new print window.
  • When printing a single form, the form cannot be printed unless the corresponding window is open so the data is loaded and is available to fill the form to be printed. If you receive an error, open the window for the form to be printed, and try again.
  • When printing multiple forms, (if available) the forms cannot be printed unless you have at least one of the forms selected in the list of forms, so that the data is loaded and is available to fill the form.  If you receive an error, verify that you have at least one form selected before you try to print. (Ctrl+click to select multiple forms, and then click “Print Selected Certificates”)
  • The printer selection dialog looks different from InStar however works very similar.  Print to PDF sends the form to the Pending Email Attachments, ready to be emailed.
  • Cert of Lia 25 only – If you complete the “Other” section and need long text in the Limits section, put all your text into the first field.  This field will wrap text to fill the entire section of the form.  You cannot use the other fields if you use the first field in this manner.CertOtherLimits

Additional Form Fields

  • Some of the new forms have additional fields. These fields will be displayed as shown below, and are input in the EDI print window.
  • You cannot alter these fields when trying to print multiple selected forms.
  • The fields are saved in reference to the certificate number so you must print multiple forms from the list, you must open each one and modify it before printing.
  • You do not need to click “EDIT” in InStar to enter data in these fields, and they are saved when either you change forms, close the print window, or print the form.
  • If you change forms without closing the print window, this is OK. The window will update as soon as you click on it and display either blank entry fields (on a new form), or previously saved fields (on a existing form).


Printing Forms to PDF

  • When printing to PDF the pages are printed to the Pending Email Attachments folder, which can be accessed by clicking Document Management Menu and clicking Pending Email Attachments.
  • The PDF default name will be the holders name, as printed on the form, preceded with “certificate for”. (Ex. Certificate for Holder’s Name.pdf)


CaptureediThe EDI “About” window

The Reset Update Check, will reset the 7 day update prompt when you start InStar. Click this and the next time you log into InStar you will recieve the update message.

The Update Updater, will Install a new EDIUpdate library. This will only change how to program handles updates. This is not the update that checks for new forms.

Note: Every one must be closed out of InStar to run updates. It will fail to update the library if anyone has InStar open except the person checking for updates. 

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