EDI Concepts Inc

Currently Being Programmed

Here are the things on which we are currently working for a future release

Adding Preferences for New Email Inbox
  • Working on a web based Client Portal. This service will have an additional cost as we must pay for the web based services. Phase 1 is planned to give agency client’s a place to login, full texting, exchange documents, get auto ID cards, certificates, etc. Phase 2 will allow payments and esigning document capabilities. Phase 3 we are looking at a phone app for Android and IPhone though the Client Portal will open fine on the web page. Somewhere in there we wish to also allow the Agency Client to view coverages and premiums.
  • Filing of Email Attachments to EDocs from the new Email Inbox with a right click or Drag N Drop to client window or desktop. DONE
  • Combining of PDF files within InStar when filing EDocs and sending attached EDocs.
  • Correcting not printing attached list of Named Insured on Cert of Lia, current version, 2016.
  • Bulk emailing of Certificate Renewals
  • Updating Flo-Trax to include attaching a PCR from the PCR list to a Task and some other items of a similar nature. DONE
  • Download of EDocs and Claims
  • Incorporating ACORD EForms into InStar for updating ACORD forms.
  • Add a report to allow the agency to identify policy renewals that go up by an amount the agency selects.

EDI Concepts Provides Support and Programming Services for InStar and NOVA SalesPro