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Mobile Phone Domains

Texting via your email is simply sending an email to the mobile phone number @ the provider domain. Most phones use 2 email/text addresses, 1 for simple texts and another for attachments. We added 2 Contact Email Subtypes to handle this. The new Subtypes are Text and Text Att. Just like your phone, if you collect both addresses InStar will handling sending to the correct address. Below We will show our Contact Subtype next to each domain.

The easiest way to get the Clients 2 Phone texting addresses is to ask them to send 2 texts to your email address. 1 Text with just a simple message and ONLY sent to your email address. 1 text with a picture attached. The email received will have the 2 texting addresses. HINT: In the InStar Inbox Right Client the email and select Add Client Contact.

HINT: Send the 2 texts from your own phone to your email address. Some phones will try to force the user to send the text via email but the user can usually over-ride and force to send by text.

List of Provider Domains

If you don’t see your Mobile Phone Provider Listed, contact the mobile phone provider for their recommended email to text format for both text and multimedia (attachments). Alternatively, please send a text and then a picture (2 separate texts), from the mobile phone in question, to support@ediconcepts.net we should be able to add your provider to the list

To add a contact or add a texting address to an existing contact in InStar, on a received email, identified as a text, highlight the Text/Email Address anywhere on the email in InStar and Right Click to receive an option to Add Client Contact. Both methods allow the user to Add a new contact or add an email address to an existing contact.

Mobile phone domains we have identified.

10-digit-cell-number@mms.att.net (multimedia)
Sprint PCS10-digit-cell-number@messaging.sprintpcs.com
US Cellular10-digit-cell-number@email.uscc.net
10-digit-cell-number@mms.uscc.net (multimedia)
10-digit-cell-number@vzwpix.com (multimedia)
Virgin Mobile10-digit-cell-number@vmobl.com
UnknownText = @icmms1.sun5.lightsurf.net
**This domain will not accept text from Email in our Testing.
Text Att = @icmms1.sun5.lightsurf.net

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