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Visual Settings

The EDI Enhanced menu option is an added enhancement to the functionality of InStar. The visual settings allow for customizing some visual aspects of InStar and remembers those settings for each computer based on the user code.  This window is in response to users moving to Windows 10 and some visual aspects making the program difficult to use.

Help Bar and Tips

  • Help Bar – A bar on the bottom of the screen to display help message when available.  Recommended; Turn this off.  Objects within the program will display tips as needed.
  • Style 97 – Recommended to leave this on.  On older operating systems this setting will affect certain visual aspects of buttons and other objects.  On the newer operating systems this setting will have no effect. * the program will need to be restarted if a change is made to this setting.
  • Show Tips on Tool Bars – The ability to turn on or off pop-up tips on tool bars.
  • Show Tips on Windows – The ability to turn on or off pop-up tips on Windows.

Scaling of Windows

  • Slider – Move the slider to select how large you wish windows to appear within InStar.  The range is from 50% to 100%.  This scaling is also affected by the size of the InStar window itself.

Task Bars

  • Show Taskbar – The Taskbar is used to show open windows within the program.  The choices are none, top, or bottom of the program.  If this setting is set to none, the color settings will still affect the taskbars in use within the program.
  • Taskbar Color – Select background color for the taskbar.  (Will not change background color of program task bar but will change task bar color on windows for Omnis Version 4.x)
  • Task Bar Text Color – The color of text on a task bar.

List of Preferences

  • List of Preferences – The list simply displays preferences set for each computer on which the user has worked.  This is for reference only.


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