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November 2023 Newsletter

Hi procont_salutation,

This been quite a year and we are very overdue for a newsletter and an update. During the past year we brought in two additional programmers to assist us primarily with the next big improvement the InStar, the Client Portal which will allow for your clients in InStar to log in and access things like Auto ID cards, Certs, Full Texting and Pay Bills.  For a complete description Click Here.

We had so many changes going into InStar with the additional programmers that we could never catch up our testing to make a release.  We finally cut off changes and the current beta is looking good so we anticipate posting the update for download next Monday.  See the list of updates.

Please note that we added additional information storage for the upcoming Client Portal expanding InStar’s capabilities so you will need to have all users exit InStar so the data sync can run for the first user logged in.  If you need help just ask.

Once we get the Client Portal rolled out we will then turn our attention back to many core functions we need to improve however we needed many of the changes we have made in order to move forward.

Enhancements Worth Mention (Everyone should review the full list which is also available under Help >> About InStar)

  • Email delivery receipts stored with the Sent Email. See Help Page

  • Notes, Follow Up, FloTrax; Added ability to search the Text Field of long items for specific words.

  • eDocs and Certificates have a Published check box to allow Clients to download, sign, upload documents securely when the Client Portal becomes available.

  • Drag n Drop files from Windows Explorer windows to file eDocs.

  • Right Click email attachment in the InStar Inbox to file 1 or more selected attachments directly to eDocs.

  • Added User Preference to open the stored Outlook Email on drill down rather than the InStar window.

  • Recent Clients List kept to allow quick access to the clients you have recently opened from the Client Window and Find Window. This list will synchronize across multiple instances of InStar for a single user.

  • Storage of Printer in User Preferences is now available.  If during login InStar does not find the printer the user will be prompt to select a printer.

** Quick Tips **

Filed an email to the wrong client?  Don’t despair, simply go to the Read Items Folder using the drop down list in the InStar Email Inbox, find the email item and file it right from there.  Simple! Read Items folder is often large so Cancel the List Build at any time.  List is built Newest first so the new items are loaded first.

There is a cross reference field on the Client Window.  Entering 1 client number on multiple clients will allow a user to click the Cross Reference button and open a list of all the clients with that single client number in the Cross Reference field.

When running End of Period on the accounting all accounting entries should be stopped.

** Things to Ponder **

Can you imagine a world without hypothetical’s?

Questions – contact support Support@EDIConcepts.net or 877-277-6918.  Thank you.

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